The Proof is in the Pudding

Neha Pant
2 min readApr 30, 2021

But who is making it?

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If you live with a spouse who works in news media, you are likely to hear that above phrase quite often. Whenever you have an idea that you think is worth exploring, you will be questioned about its authenticity and results. But the results will be apparent only once you have explored the idea, right? Then, is it not a catch-22 situation?

My husband and I differ on a lot of topics, but most so on the topic of spirituality. As soon as I bring up anything related to spirituality, he responds that it is b*******. Perhaps this is true for others out there as well. Something as abstract as the spirit is difficult to comprehend, even for those of us who want to comprehend.

My interest in spirituality is as old as I can think of because even as a kid I loved to close my eyes and “meditate”. It was merely an act of imitation, imitating the Gods and devotees I had seen on TV and some yogis I had encountered as a kid. I obviously did not know what I was doing.

Over time, I had experiences that I could not explain and because of my mother’s spiritual bent of mind, I always had spirituality as a dormant aspect of my personality. After her death, reality hit me hard. Mortal life is limited and this body is just a tool to explore our spirituality. Since then, I have tried whatever I could to get in touch with my spirit.

It is hard to say whether I have succeeded, but I’m sure I have come a long way from not knowing anything. Even now, I’m ready to explore different things to expedite my spiritual growth. They say it may take years, sometimes even several lives to attain “enlightenment”. But the quest is on for me.

Coming back to the people who ask for proof in spirituality. I can only offer my advice about what I have discovered to date. Spirituality is an individual process. Of course, you can get Gurus as your guides in that process and they will give you some tools to make the process easily navigable, but you have to tread the path yourself. Other people who have used the same tools can also only tell you that it worked for them. But their results and yours will be different. Because every spirit’s quest is different. It is your pudding and you must make it yourself. But yes, don’t forget to take the help of the Gurus.



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